School year dates – Swedish International School Estepona – Marbella

Below are the dates and holidays for school, preschool, and leisure activities. School, preschool, and leisure activities are closed during holidays and public holidays.

Spring term 2024

2024-01-08 Monday:School start
2024-01-29 Monday:The first day of the spring term. Transition point between terms
2024-02-26 – 2024-03-03:Semana Blanca – Winter sports break
2024-02-28 Wednesday:Día de Andalucía. Regional public holiday
2024-03-25 – 2024-03-31:Semana Santa / Easter break
NOTE: Easter Monday is a regular school day
2024-05-01 Wednesday:First of May. National holiday
2024-06-14 Friday:School end-of-term

Höstterminen 2024

2024-08-26 Monday:Start of supervision for distance students
2024-09-02 Monday:School start (preschool and grades F-6)
2024-10-28 – 2024-11-01:Autumn break (preschool and school)
2024-12-06 Friday:National holiday, Día de la Constitución
2024-12-09 Monday:National holiday, Dia de la Inmaculada Concepción
2024-12-20 Friday:Last school day of the term (no leisure activities)
2024-12-23 – 2025-01-07:Christmas break

Vårterminen 2025

2025-01-08 Wednesday:School start
2025-02-24 – 2025-02-28:Sports break (preschool and school)
2025-04-14 – 2025-04-18:Easter break (preschool and school)
2025-05-01 Thursday:National holiday
2025-06-06 Friday:End of Term for Sofia Distance & Hermods
NOTE: Regular school day for preschool and grades F-6
2025-06-18 Wednesday:School and preschool graduation for grades F-6
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