Student Health Team

The school has a student health team led by the principal and consists of a school nurse, counselor, special education teacher, and school psychologist.

Student Health Team

The student health team is an important part of the school’s overall structure and is composed of competent professionals who collaborate to promote students’ health and well-being. The team’s composition, with a school nurse, counselor, special education teacher, and school psychologist, provides a versatile and holistic approach to meeting various needs and challenges.

School Nurse: Our school nurse, Gabriella, is a key figure in the student health team and focuses on monitoring and promoting students’ health. Through health examinations and health consultations, the school nurse helps identify any health problems and provides support on lifestyle issues such as diet, sleep, and physical activity. The school nurse also serves as a link between the school, home, and other healthcare providers.

In Sweden, as a school nurse, you conduct health consultations and enrollment with all students. These conversations take place in close dialogue with the students, and in the lower grades, they are also held together with the parents. During the consultations, we discuss healthy habits for well-being and how to thrive in school. Additionally, the school nurse follows up on height, weight, and hearing, and ensures that children are vaccinated according to the Swedish vaccination program. Students can also turn to the school nurse with various health issues.

Here in Spain, it is not possible to follow up on weight, height, and hearing, and the health survey questionnaires used in Sweden cannot be applied here. Therefore, the school nurse becomes more like an information channel, sharing what checks, vaccinations, and questions are normally addressed during health consultations.

Gabriella is here to help and answer all your questions and concerns and is a positive force for the school and a reliable resource for your children’s health.

Counselor: The school counselor specializes in supporting students’ psychosocial development. Through individual sessions and group activities, the counselor works to promote students’ emotional and social well-being. The school counselor may also be involved in handling conflicts, supporting students in difficult situations, and providing counseling for both students and their families.

Special Education Teacher: The special education teacher has expertise in supporting students with different learning needs. By collaborating with teachers and other school staff, the special education teacher designs adaptations and support measures to ensure an inclusive learning environment. The special education teacher works to enable each student to reach their educational goals based on their individual circumstances.

School Psychologist: The school psychologist provides expertise in the psychological aspects of students’ development and learning. Through psychological assessments and interventions, the school psychologist supports students who may have specific needs in the psychological domain. The school psychologist also collaborates with teachers and parents to create a conducive environment for students’ mental health. Our school psychologist is an external consultant brought in as needed. This allows the school to benefit from the psychologist’s expertise when required.

Principal’s Leadership: The principal plays a central role as the leader of the student health team. By providing guidelines, resources, and support, the principal enables effective work and collaboration within the team. The principal is also responsible for integrating the student health perspective into the school’s overall strategies and decisions.

This constitutes our diverse and coordinated student health team that goes beyond teaching to support students at various levels and ensure a safe and healthy school environment. By working together, the team can create a comprehensive picture of students’ needs and contribute to an inclusive and supportive school environment.

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